Battlefield Farms is located in Northwest Arkansas adjacent to Wedington Woods National Forest where for more than 30 years we have been known for excellence. Our hay is sprayed and fertilized annually according to soil testing recommendations and between cuttings resulting in a product that has tested at 18.1% protein. Battlefield Farms is a "blue-ribbon" producer of premium quality Bermuda hay. We carefully cultivate, harvest and store every bale. While reluctant to claim "no weeds," we are satisfied that we have as close to no weeds as you can get.

Battlefield Farms can accommodate from a one-bale sale to a semi-tractor load with facilities to accommodate both. We load customers in the field or at the barn with an out-front hay accumulator. All hay is protected from weather, stored under cover in metal hay barns. Please contact us at the farm for availability and prices.

Bermuda Grass Hay Chemical Composition August 2010
  As Fed Basis Dry Matter Basis
Moisture 11.7 %  
Dry Matter 88.3%  
Crude Protein 18.1% 20.5%
Acid Detergent Fiber 24.5% 27.8%
Neutral Detergent Fiber 61.7% 69.9%
Nitrate Nitrogen   912 ppm
Nutrient and Energy Value
Total digestible nutrients (TDN) 64.0% 72.4%
Net energy for lactation (NEL) 0.66 Mcal/cwt 0.75 Mcal/cwt
Feed analysis performed by the Agricultural Diagnostic Service Laboratory, University of Arkansas, Crop, Soil, and Environmental Sciences

Battlefield Farms, 13035 Fat Nash Rd., Lincoln, AR
Farm Telephone: 479-846-2500
Warren: 479-957-7569

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