Being raised on a small cow-calf outfit on the Arkansas/Oklahoma line gave Mule the opportunity to begin to appreciate stock from a very early age. Mule's grandfather was very proud of his cattle and instilled the pride a man should take in his stock in his grandson. In the mid 80's Mule began to ride outside horses and a few bucking horses. Later he hired on with cow-calf outfits in the River Valley and began to learn good principles for handling stock with horses.

In those days, like so many, Mule used the "guts and muscle" approach to horse training. As a result, he was thrown, drug, stomped, bucked, and run-off with more times than he should have survived. It was in the mid 90's when Mule met a natural horseman named Andy Booth that horsemanship took on a new meaning. This meeting introduced Mule to a new approach to horsemanship that allows a horse to "find his way" through the training process. He has continued to diligently pursue this approach ever since.

He has been privileged and blessed to spend time with some of the greatest buckaroos and horsemen in the world and he carries their teachings to the round pen with him to learn from the greatest teacher of all........ the Horse!

Having started hundreds of colts, Mule has had the opportunity to experience successes and failures of varying types and degrees. The horsemanship he teaches today is a culmination of those successes and failures, blending a lifetime of experiences with traditional vaquero horsemanship principles in the making of sound minded stock horses.

Mule's focus today is to use his lifetime of experience and study to help serious horsemen and horsewomen take their horsemanship to levels beyond the mundane and leave them excited about their relationship with their horse.

The ATH Center consists of 40 acres of pasture and private trails. The beautiful facility features acres of spacious, grassy meadows on level terrain, rolling hills, shady forests and several sparkling ponds.

Our State-Of-The-Art Indoor Riding Arena Features:
● Warm Water Shower Bays
● Hot Walker
● Roundpen
● Box Stalls with Automatic Watering Systems and Fans
● Built-in Sound System