Ranch Roping I 
One Day Clinic

  • Purpose of Big loops and Long ropes
  • Building a loop
  • Basic swings
  • Sidearm Head shot on the dummy
  • Hip-shot on the dummy
  • Safe dallying
  • “Slipping” rope
  • Rope the dummy from your horse
  • Side-arm head shot on cattle (break away ropes)
  • Hip shot on cattle (break away ropes)
  • Learn the “ground man” job

Ranch Roping II
one Day Clinic

(Completion of Ranch Roping I is required)

Get instruction on the following loops:

1) “Houlihan” head shot
2) Back hand head shot
3) “Scoop loop”
4) Off-side overhand
5) Hip-shot straight behind
6) Heel trap
7) Forehand over-the –hip shot

  • Learn responsibilities when you use a “Live” rope

  • Learn to add coils for longer shots

  • Learn to Roll a cow to tie it for doctoring

  • Learn different ways to tie a cow down

  • Learn different ways to safely let a cow up

vaquero loops

Head shots:

Del Viento
Offside overhand
Pick up front foot in figure eight 

Heel shots:

Crinolina/Contra Viento hip
Del Viento
Johnny Blocker hip
Scoop hip
Backhand over hip
Backhand straight behind
Forehand over hip
Backhand hip
Hip shot straight behind
Crinolina trap
Del Viento trap
Johnny Blocker trap
Standard hip shot
Backhand flank trap
Scoop trap
Standard trap