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Stacy and Frederik


Two years ago I purchased a beautiful Friesian stallion ‘Frederik the Great,’ he was imported from Holland and trained at 4th level dressage, he no sooner hit the U.S. when he won several Nationals and Grand championships in Dressage. When I saw him for the first time loading off the trailer and walking into the arena my heart skipped a beat, he looked like a magnificent Gladiator prancing into the arena.

I was not familiar with Parelli then, but I noticed that when he was saddled and went into the arena it looked like he was just “going to work”with no emotions involved just head down as if to say “I will do as I am trained.” Naturally no one else noticed this, just commenting on how beautiful he moves and so on. I also noticed that when he was lead from the ground , he kept his shoulder out at you as if to say “Don’t come any closer”. He was friendly, he let you rub him but he was very mouthy. All of these things bothered me something in my soul felt this is not right. Every one I talked to just gave the same old advice, ‘This is all normal , or he is just a stallion, or just smack them when they do something wrong’ which I never agreed with.

One day Cindy Savage manager of Twin Springs Equestrian Center where Frederik was boarded, introduced me to a Parelli DVD, when I watched it I immediately signed up for a membership bought all the DVD’s, ropes, halters and the famous “carrot stick”. I searched for clinics to go to but there was not one where stallions were permitted . I new I was on my own just me and all the Parelli materials so I started working with this beautiful stallion with no trainer just your DVDs, the Savvy Club and ongoing advice from Cindy Savage. I watched every video and read every article, Frederik started transforming right before my eyes. I could hear him say, ‘Oh thank you for treating me with dignity and respect, I will treat you with the same.’ I saw a personality come out I had never witnessed before in him, and what a grand and beautiful Left Brain Extrovert he is.

I think the Competition Events are wonderful and I love to watch the abilities of the horse, but as you Linda have shown thru your expertise of Dressage and working with Walter Zetti it can become even more beautiful to watch and exciting to compete when the horse is shown respect and working in harmony WITH the rider.

Everyone comments on what a close and unique relationship Frederik and I have, I call it HORSE HUMAN.

When I took him to the vet for collecting sperm I had him on the 12 foot Parelli rope and my carrot stick, no leather halter, stud chain or whips. The vet asked me, What do you do with the stick? He thought I hit him with it or something, I just explained it was an extension of me. Then he gave Frederik a wonderful compliment, he said “ I noticed your stallion is well behaved, I wish more of them were like him, he is quit a gentlemen”. I think I stood another 2 inches tall.

But what I would like to share is something I wish every horse human could experience. The true bonding any Horse and Human can have through the proper HORSEMANSHIP relation that Parelli is so passionate about.

Recently, I was in an accident and broke my heel and the side of my foot, after I got out of the hospital and came home I was in a wheel chair. My heart hurt so bad I missed Frederik we had become so close. I just had to see him, so my husband wheeled me out on the porch where I could see him. When I called to him he lifted his head turned around and ran over to the fence whinnying all the way. Naturally I began to cry, I so wanted to jump up and run over to him as he did me. He kept whinnying as if to say, “Why don’t you come over here”. He never left the fence while I was on the porch. Every day I would sit on the porch, he would come running talking the whole time.

After 2 weeks I talked my husband into wheeling me out to the small pasture area and leaving me with Frederik, my family thought I was crazy but my husband trusted in my judgment. He wheeled me out and gave me my carrot stick, then he left. I called out to Frederik and sure enough here he came trotting over to me, I was a little nervous at first knowing just out of excitement he could unintentional hurt me, but Frederik did the most unusual thing.

As he approached closer to me, he slowed way down, I talked very softly to him as he got closer. My leg laid straight out in the wheel chair with a soft cast. As Frederik came up to my foot he sniffed my toes then took his lips and barley touched the tip of my toes, then he gently moved up my leg sniffing, I spoke softly “Good Boy”, then he came up to my face and nibbled on my cheek very softly giving me a sweet kiss. Frederik then positioned his head and neck over my leg from the side, then just stood there. He never moved, 30, 40, 45 minutes went by and he never moved . I truly believe he was WATCHING OVER ME.

This Magnificent Gladiator of iron clad has become “My Guardian Angel.”

Pat and Linda, I thank you for sharing the Love and Passion you have for your continual commitment to spread your message about the Horse/Human relationship. Hopefully stories like this will encourage people to change and give the Horse an opportunity for LOVE, LANGUAGE AND LEADERSHIP.

We were able to get a picture of him guarding over me.

Thank You Again and God Bless!
Stacy Nazario
Pinnacle Friesians

Originally written to Pat and Linda Parelli, 2009


Twin Spring